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An elective class

This summer, I took an elective class in health communication. The class covered the major concepts of communication and health marketing plans. We learned how to determine the type(s) of message(s) to communicate, the strategy behind placement and means, program budgeting and management and, of course, how to measure program effectiveness. Each of us was expected to put our new knowledge to use by designing a program for an organization in the local area. My organization was the Hendricks County Health Department (Danville, Indiana).

The county (HCHD) had learned of the popularity of ‘Poke-n-Stick’ parties, house parties at which people get tattoos and piercings from, most often, amateurs. There is a substantial risk of many blood-borne infections from body modifications performed at these parties. HCHD’s goal was to implement a health communication plan to raise awareness of those risks. I spent the summer working to help HCHD meet that goal. The program that I designed included several public marketing pieces: Posters, cinema screen ads, brochures, flyers, a press release and more. Employing my newfound skills enabled me to create some materials that look quite good. One example is this brochure.

Many thanks go out to the photographers who allowed their work to be used in the materials: Chris Willis, Scarleth White and Jhong Dizon. Thank you all for giving me some great art with which to work!

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