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Dulworth family reunion last week. Dave took the best photo of me lovin’ on one of my nieces, Makayla. Check it out! http://ow.ly/2Jv62

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Congratulations Dave!

We spent this evening at the Earth Discovery Center at Eagle Creek Park. Dave had entered the Images of Nature photography contest, and we were attending the artists’ reception. One of Dave’s entries earned an honorable mention ribbon. That’s not too shabby considering this was the first time he has done anything like this, and that he is self-taught. So, congratulations, Dave. You did an awesome job! Congratulations to each of the other entrants as well. There sure was some beautiful artwork at the center tonight. If anyone is interested in taking a look at a few hundred gorgeous photos, then swing by the Discovery Center within the next couple of weeks while they’re on display.

Correction: With my original post, I refered to the photo contest as Imagine Nature. I have since corrected it to the correct name: Images of Nature. Sorry folks!

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New addition to the family

A week-and-a-half ago, Misty received a telephone call from a friend who had found a stray dog. I was in class and Dave, during a brief moment of insanity, agreed that she could keep it here overnight. The little guy had no tags and, after confirmation by our veterinarian, no RFID microchip. We reported him as a found dog hoping that someone would claim him. Two vet visits later, and another scheduled, he is still with us…

Misty named him Gizmo because he looks a bit like the cute little gremlin – at least if you cock your head and squint your eyes correctly. He was nearly black when he arrived, though we later found a white dog under all of the grime. His fur was terribly matted, his skin was in poor shape with a few abrasions, and he was absolutely covered in fleas. So, in addition to the vet, he has experienced a trip to the groomer.

Now for those of you who know us, you know that we like B-I-G dogs. This guy weighs no more than our two cats – a whopping 14 pounds. To see him around other dogs, however, you would think that he was the 135 pounds of our late Grizzly! A neighbor’s dog escaped his enclosure, sprinted across the road, and nailed Gizmo. The poor little guy was pinned and the much larger dog was attempting to bite his neck, until Misty and I intervened. Once I was able to run the other dog off, Gizmo jumps up and lunges toward him. I couldn’t believe it! Yesterday we introduced Gizmo to Dakota, our 95 pound, female Newfoundland. His initial response was to try to bite her…at least until he discovered that she was a female!

Gizmo acts quite differently around our cats. Tigger – our grumpy, old man – doesn’t like Gizmo one bit. I thought he was afraid of the dog, for a couple of days. Then, I witnessed him chasing the dog, and the dog running behind Misty for protection. Now that was a sight to behold!

Our other cat, Boo Boo, has a ‘special’ kind of relationship with Gizmo. To our surprise, Boo Boo and Gizmo get along very, very well (Gizmo is an intact male, at least until next Tuesday). The two of them snuggle, lick, and tease as if they’re a male and female of the same species, not two males of differing ones. The first time that Gizmo attempted to, um, be intimate with the cat, Tigger barfed. Coincidence, or not?

Despite the drama, Gizmo seems to be sticking around as the newest addition to our family. He is a shaggy, little Shih Tzu: white, with a brown patch of fur surrounding his left eye. He has a curly tail and a horrible under-bite that, believe it or not, is desirable in the breed. He seems intelligent, most of the time, but excessively stubborn. He should fit in just fine around here!

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