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I posted last week about finding a local farmer from which to purchase meat products. Well, there are local produce growers as well. While they sometimes seem difficult to locate, they are available if you know where to look. The Local Growers Guild is a great way to find them. Their guide, published each year, lists the growers in your area of Indiana. If you visit their site, you can download a pdf of their current guide. Check it out!


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Some great, and much needed, news for Indianapolis’ own Eli Lilly. Woohoo!

Lilly to acquire Alnara Pharmaceuticals.


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Throughout my life, I’ve had the opportunity to rescue a few feral creatures. This Spring, however, has been absolutely crazy. Misty and I have either found or been called (family/neighbors) to rescue six birds!

Earlier tonight, one of my neighbors sent a text asking me if I wanted to rescue a baby bird their cat had kindly delivered to their back door. Misty and I walked over to find a tiny House Sparrow nestling. It was shocky, and not at all happy, but it seems to be in pretty good shape considering it went a round or two with a cat. It’s now warm and sleeping comfortably. Too bad we won’t be doing the same for long… Feeding begins by 7:00, and has to happen every hour (approximately) until late into the evening. Wish the little guy (and us) luck, please.

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