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Hey folks – Yes, I am still alive! After prodding from several relatives and friends, and even one of my professors, I’ve decided it’s way past time to begin regularly updating my blog. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m serious about it this time. I’ve been pretty busy of late and, when I actually think about posting, have little of interest to say. Well, I’ve decided that I am going to begin posting regularly, even if what I have to say bores y’all to tears!

First, I’m not going to attempt to sum up the whole of 2009 in a single post. I will say, however, that the year ended up being pretty good to me overall. Perhaps the most memorable point in the year was when we gave Misty her first car. After her annual summer visit to Montana to see her Dad, I brought her home from the airport and immediately gave her a chore to do. She was thinking, “Great Mom, start working me as soon as I walk in the door”. When she walked out back to feed Dakota, she found this…

Misty's new car: Wrapped and ready to shock

Of course she couldn’t wait to unwrap it and get in. She started the engine and was immediately in love. The car is a one-owner, loaded, midnight blue, 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GT with only 12,000 miles. Though she isn’t quite 18-years old yet, it was an early birthday gift. Here it is unwrapped and in the drive.

2006 Hyundai Tiburon GT, unwrapped and ready to roll!

In other news, 2009 brought me closer to my educational goals. I was accepted into and am working on graduate degrees in both public health and medical science at Indiana University School of Medicine. I thoroughly enjoy both programs. I no longer work for either Riley Hospital for Children or the American Red Cross. While I miss both jobs, I really enjoy the extra time to study. I need that time too! Also concerning my education, I interviewed for the MD program earlier this month. I should be hearing from the admissions committee within the next few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that I get in this year. If not, I’ll try again for next year. They won’t get rid of me very easily!!!

So, if I’m going to post often, I’d better not tell all now, right? With that said, I’m signing off and will check back in a day or two. Until then, have a great weekend!

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