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It is with sadness that I post of the loss of a family member. Tom Harvey, father of Debbie Peters and Wally and Mark Harvey, has lost a long battle with cancer. He will be missed… See below for Tom’s obituary and arrangements.


Thomas Alonzo Harvey, Jr.

Thomas Alonzo Harvey, Jr.

Thomas Alonzo Harvey Jr. native of Nashville Tennessee passed away after a long battle of cancer on March 23, 2009.  He is survived by two brothers, John and Edward Harvey and one sister Georgia Tipton all residing in Cumberland Maryland.  Tom is also is survived by three children: Wallace A Harvey and wife Barbara in Florence, South Carolina, Mark W. Harvey and wife Brenda in White House, Tennessee and Deborah E. Peters and her husband Douglas in Greenwood, Indiana.  Tom has eight grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.  Mr. Harvey was a veteran and served in both the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army during the Korean War.  After his military service, Mr. Harvey worked at Cape Canaveral in Coca Beach, Florida; Mission Control in Houston, Texas before retiring from Naval Avionics in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1989.  After retirement he went home to Nashville Tennessee where he was a musician, singer, songwriter and owner and publisher of Happyland Music.  His memorial service will be Saturday, April 4th, 2009 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm at the Primo Banquet and Conference Centre located at 2615 East National, Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Sydney Australia began Earth Hour in 2007. That first year, two million people participated. As evidence that many of us really do care about the environment, the event grew to 50 million people last year. Earth Hour is going to be even better this year with cities, corporations, and people from 84 different countries taking part.

This year, I am asking that you participate. This Saturday, between 8:30 and 9:30 pm (in your respective time zone), turn off or dim your lights to show that you care about the environment and want to do your part to slow global warming. If the lights of the Las Vegas Strip and McDonald’s golden arches can be dimmed, then surely yours can too. So, grab a book and a candle or snuggle up to a loved one, and turn off those lights at 8:30 this Saturday!

For more information, see http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29900742//.

Thank you!

  • ** Update ***  Check out The Big Picture for some cool Earth Hour photos from across the globe.

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I set up a Twitter profile a few months ago, when invited by ReachMD. Since then, I haven’t played around with it much. Dave brought it up in conversation a couple of days ago, however, so I visited the site. I updated my profile and began ‘following’ a few people of interest. Of all the people in my address book, only one of you have an account. So, I’m inviting you all to head to http://www.Twitter.com and set up your own account. Watch, it’s the next big thing!

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My New Site

Hello everyone! As you know, my site has been down for a few weeks. Sorry to keep you all in suspense, but I’ve swapped my site hosting account to another company and, as a result, need to transfer my site files as well. I’ve never done this, so keep your fingers crossed that I can get everything set up okay. For now, just know that I’ll be back soon.

Take care!

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